As a small, rural Church school, our vision and Christian values underpin everything we do.

Our curriculum is designed to excite, inspire and empower our children through half termly themes and big ‘I wonder’ questions. Each theme has been chosen to give pupils an understanding of the world around them and prepare them for the next stage in their learning. This includes creating a knowledge and skills-based curriculum that provides opportunities to learn about diversity beyond their own experiences. Through our curriculum, children develop a clear sense of what it is to be an expert in each subject.

Knowing our children enter with limited vocabulary and language, we focus on developing early communication and reading skills through the high-quality teaching of phonics and fostering a love of reading. We maintain this vocabulary focus across all areas of the curriculum.

How We Teach:

We have a curriculum which meets the needs of our mixed age classes and ensures progression of skills and knowledge. We use Kapow in supporting our delivery of this curriculum and ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum.

In EYFS, to ensure progression of skills and knowledge we use the EYFS statutory guidance alongside Development Matters to create our own curriculum. This supports children to be ready for year 1 and beyond, giving them the firm foundations, they need to succeed.

Phonics and Early reading skills are delivered through Twinkl Phonics as well as daily reading lessons. Within Reading lessons, we use Ashley Booth to develop children’s reading and comprehension skills. Children access the curriculum at an age-appropriate level which is carefully monitored and reviewed to ensure children’s reading needs are met. To build a love of reading, children participate in daily Book Talk and story time.

Teachers plan lessons and additional enrichment opportunities to develop and inspire children to have a love of learning and the world around them. The lessons develop language and vocabulary, an understanding of diversity and a love of reading.

We track every child’s progress on an ongoing basis through our progressive statements (Kapow Objective Statements) to ensure that we are revisiting, embedding and building on new learning. This ensures we are challenging them with appropriately pitched, individualised learning.


The impact of our curriculum is evidenced through our school outcomes and through pupils work in books as well as pupil voice (how the children talk about their learning).

All leaders regularly monitor the impact of the learning in their subject which is reported back to all stakeholders, analysed, evaluated and actioned through strategic and timely school improvement.

EYFS Curriculum Map

Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum Map