Art and Design at St Nicholas

We aim to…

  • Provide opportunities for all children to be creative.
  • Inspire a love and curiosity of art that covers a range of genres, forms and cultures.
  • Provide opportunity for children to discover an interest and talent in art, build confidence and nurture well-being.
  • Broaden the children’s technical vocabulary in art.
  • Encourage children to engage with art.
  • Allow children to create and evaluate a range of artistic techniques.
  • Provide the opportunity for all children to have the skills required to be an artist.
  • Make the children proud of their work and encourage them to want to share it with others through our displays.

How we will achieve our aims…

  • Giving children the opportunity to develop a range of artistic skills.
  • Ensuring that Art is included in cross-curricular lessons.
  • Nurturing a resilient learning attitude towards art.
  • High quality teaching that is appropriately pitched to individuals.
  • Having a curriculum that provides a range of mediums for children to explore.
  • Ensuring Art and design have a high profile within the school community and children enjoy regular lessons that are highly valued.
  • Having displays in school that celebrate children’s achievements and progress.

How will we know we’ve achieved our aims?

  • Children enjoy art lessons and are confident to ‘have a go’.
  • Children discover new interests and talents.
  • They confidently apply their artistic knowledge to other areas of learning.
  • Children understand how culture and history links to art and design.
  • They can talk confidently about their learning in art and design using appropriate and technical vocabulary.
  • Pupils develop a wider vocabulary and use descriptive language in response to art and design.
  • Children demonstrate a love or appreciation of art and talk with increasing confidence about a range of genres and artists.
  • Children show great enthusiasm when art and desing are included in other areas of the curriculum.

Art Progression Map

Design Technology Progression Map