Design and Technology at St Nicholas

We aim to…

  • Give all learners the opportunity to enjoy being creative!
  • Provide an opportunity for all children to learn the skills required to be a successful designer.
  • Plan opportunities to create and evaluate a range of products.
  • Encourage children to discover an interest in design technology.
  • Enable learners to access a range of materials in order to understand their properties
  • Widen children’s vocabulary and use of technical language.
  • Encourage children to create products, considering their purpose and practically.
  • Allow children to critically engage with design, sculpture and construction.
  • Provide opportunities for children to show pride in their work and others’.

How we will achieve our aims…

  • Ensuring DT is included in cross-curricular lessons in all year groups.
  • Providing a range of materials for children to explore.
  • High quality teaching that is appropriately pitched to individuals.
  • Inspiring children to enjoy DT lessons and the process from start to finish.
  • Nurturing a resilient learning attitude towards product design, focusing on evaluation.
  • Providing children with the opportunity to develop a range of design skills.
  • Using displays in school to celebrate children’s achievements and progress.
  • Having an annual Christmas DT day where the children use a variety of techniques to make Christmas decorations.

How will we know we’ve achieved our aims?

  • Children enjoy designing, making and evaluating products
  • Children discover new interests and talents in DT.
  • Children enjoy DT lessons and are confident to ‘have a go’ at applying their new skills.
  • Children talk with increasing confidence about their learning in DT using a range of appropriate vocabulary.
  • Pupils develop a wider technical vocabulary.
  • Children confidently apply their knowledge to other contexts.
  • Children consider how DT learning links to the wider world around them.
  • Children can identify designs/products they appreciate and explain why.
  • Children take pride in their DT projects.

Design and Technology Progression Map