Writing at St Nicholas

We aim to…

  • foster a love of writing within our pupils
  • provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to write accurately and effectively for a range of purposes
  • enable pupils to apply spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge independently
  • equip pupils with the phonetical and graphical knowledge to spell words with increasing accuracy
  • foster an environment in which pupils are resilient and feel confident to have a go at various writing tasks
  • provide pupils with the opportunity to write a wide variety of genres and text types
  • expose pupils to a wide range of rich and engaging vocabulary to develop their mastery of the English language

How we will achieve our aims…

  • high-quality teaching
  • daily writing lessons that are well-planned, clearly sequenced and follow the programme of study as set out in the National Curriculum
  • lessons that provide regular opportunities for developing spelling, punctuation and grammar skills
  • opportunities for pupils to write for pleasure
  • providing pupils with resources to support their writing such as dictionaries, word mats and relevant displays
  • encouraging pupils to read, edit and improve their own writing with a purple pen
  • regular Handwriting sessions to develop a consistent and legible style of handwriting

How will we know we’ve achieved our aims?

  • children enjoy writing and recognise its importance in their everyday lives
  • children can independently write for a range of purposes using appropriate vocabulary, structure and grammar
  • children use the resources around them to support them with their writing
  • children write engaging texts and are proud to share these
  • the majority of pupils have a secure understanding of grammatical terms and devices and can apply these accurately in their writing
  • most children reach age-related expectations by the end of the academic year
  • children are prepared for the next stage in their learning

Spelling Shed

A Systematic Approach to Planning

English Curriculum and Progression Map