Our Church

As a Church of England Primary School, we have close, positive links with our local church of St. Nicholas in Tillingham. The incumbent, Revd. Steven Poss, is an active member of our Trust Board. Revd. Steven provides spiritual support to all members of staff and monitors the quality of Collective Worship and RE lessons throughout the school.

As well as attending meetings of the Trust Board, Revd. Steven leads our act of Collective Worship once a week. We use the church for services throughout the year, including Harvest Festival, Remembrance Day, Christingle, Ash Wednesday, Easter, and our Year 6 Leaving Service. St. Nicholas Church very kindly purchases leaving gifts of Bibles and Dictionaries for all the Year 6 pupils leaving our school. The church encourages pupils at the school to visit St. Nicholas to develop our pupils’ understanding of Christianity in the local community and the children are encouraged to bring in food for our Harvest Service so that it can be given to our local food bank. Pupils and their close family members at our school also have the opportunity to affirm their Christian faith by attending Confirmation Classes, led by Revd. Steven.